Quality at Picking Farma


Quality at Picking Farma

Picking Farma works according to good manufacturing practice standards and follows good distribution practices in our business areas.
A team of qualified pharmacists ensures rigorous compliance with quality management systems by following established procedures:

  • Internal  and External audits
  • Data Integrity (document management, SOPs…)
  • Awareness raising among staff with training plans (Online training platform)
  •  Customer and provider homologations
  • Change management (risk analisis 
  • Equipment, installations and information system validation process

Permanent checks and inspections in laboratories and authorities underpin our high-quality services.

Picking Farma authorisations and certificates:  

  • NFC compliance certificate (communication protocol and data exchange formats)
  • BPD compliance certificate
  • Authorisation from organisations for the distribution of drugs for human use
  • Authorisation of cosmetics facility activities.
  • ISO 9001:2015 standard certificate.
  • Laboratory authorised by AEMPS (Spanish medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) to carry out secondary packaging activities.


 The company PICKING FARMA, S.A. establishes as an objective that the Quality of the services provided, is faithful reflection of the needs of each client. It therefore establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  1. The objective of Picking Farma must be to offer the customer a comprehensive logistics service, personalized and adapted to their needs.  Importance of quality (establishment of supplier/customer relationships) whose improvement will result in that of the service.
  2. The demands of our clients, together with compliance with the legal regulations of our activities and the needs of the relevant stakeholders, are the basis for establishing the quality of our services.
  3. The final quality of the service provided is the result of planned actions and focused on continuous improvement.
  4. All this taking into account that Quality is a common work of all the members of the company.  Quality is “everyone’s responsibility. The number of quality specialists in the organization is equal to the number of people who work in it.” This implies the achievement of an individual commitment from all employees.
  5. The education and training of staff are basic aspects to achieve the objectives of the company.
  6. Involvement and participation of Senior Management The company will strive to continuously improve at all levels so as to increase the quality of the services provided.
  7. Recognition and reporting of successes.

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