Quality at Picking Farma


Quality at Picking Farma

Picking Farma works according to good manufacturing practice standards and follows good distribution practices in our business areas.

A team of qualified pharmacists ensures rigorous compliance with quality management systems by following established procedures:

  • Internal  and External audits
  • Data Integrity (document management, SOPs…)
  • Awareness raising among staff with training plans (Online training platform)
  •  Customer and provider homologations
  • Change management (risk analisis 
  • Equipment, installations and information system validation process

Permanent checks and inspections in laboratories and authorities underpin our high-quality services.

Picking Farma authorisations and certificates:  

  • NFC compliance certificate (communication protocol and data exchange formats)
  • BPD compliance certificate
  • Authorisation from organisations for the distribution of drugs for human use
  • Authorisation of cosmetics facility activities.
  • ISO 9001:2015 standard certificate.
  • Laboratory authorised by AEMPS (Spanish medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency) to carry out secondary packaging activities.

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