Picking Farma starts its activities in the Canary Islands

Through the signing of a collaboration agreement with the company Ibadesa, Picking Farma will operate in the Canary Islands from January 2020.

Based on the needs of its customers to distribute its products in the Canary Islands and due to the complexity of the logistics processes from Barcelona, the company has decided to position itself in the archipelago.

Jordi Cusidó, General Manager of Picking Farma, said: “Distributing from the Peninsula to the Canary Islands implies a significant transport cost due to distance and high transit times. Customers can now count on our presence and experience to reduce their transportation costs and manage their customs procedures.”

The logistics provider offers about 2,000 square meters of surface area and capacity to store about 2,000 pallets at controlled temperature between 15-25oC and 100 pallets between 2-8oC to its customers, in addition to the preparation of orders both in the facilities of the province of Barcelona and in the Canary Islands and the management of distribution in the Islands especially for the hospital area.