Differentiating elements

Information systems

We design, adapt and integrate ourselves with most technology and communication systems, ensuring maximum traceability, security and confidentiality for our clients’ data.

– Integration with clients’ ERPs.

– Communication via EDI.

– Customised development at client’s request.

– Interfaces with laboratories.

– FTP servers.

– RFC services, etc.


Service quality

Our innovative facilities and a highly qualified human team allow us to offer the highest level of services, positioning us as number one in Spain in integrated multi-customer solutions.


Geographical location

We have from the best facilities on the market, strategically located, to provide a response for the whole drug supply chain. We have four centres strategically located at communication centres. Our growth has allowed us to have the best facilities on the market, opening the Polinyà centre in 2016. These new functional, modern facilities will enable us to be leaders in pharmaceutical logistics distribution.


Adaptability and flexibility

– More than 200 employees.

– 3 working shifts.

– Adapted flexible working hours.


Controlled growth and capacity

Our growth is backed by continuous improvement in quality management and our operational processes.


Technological innovation

The commitment of our staff and use of our exclusive software mean our service tends to zero errors.


Personal dealing with the client

In our customer service department, we have a team of highly qualified professionals trained to meet the needs of each client.


Staff commitment

– Staff mostly from pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories.

– With training, experience and qualifications in the pharmaceutical sector.

– Low turnover.

– Continuous training in GMP and emergency plans.


Business dimension

– Established and highly reliable.

– Very stable over time, not subject to changes of ownership.

With a medium- and long-term strategy.